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  • Lori Fickling
    [email protected]


    Rachel Bagley
    [email protected]
    Vice President of Program Development

    Rachel joins the Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce with over nine years of experience working for and promoting small businesses. She has worked with non-profit organizations to achieve fundraising goals, execute direct marketing initiatives, develop volunteer programs, and coordinate events. Rachel has also held leadership roles in the healthcare and hospitality industries where she focused on finance, human resources, and management. As a graduate of Liberty University, Rachel holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Marketing. Rachel is a board member with the non-profit charity Humbly I Serve. 


    Corey Koif
    [email protected]
    Director of Programs and Events

    Corey is a recent graduate from Texas State University, and an experienced promoter with a history of working in marketing and sales. He enjoys working with digital and social media, as well as sports, nature and politics.




    ​Alec Humphries
    [email protected]
    Public Relations Intern

    ​Alec is a student at the University of North Texas majoring in public relations with a minor in social studies. In the past he has worked with Stop the Stigma and the Denton County LOSS team through projects at UNT, and he hopes to work in the field of public relations in Denton county after he graduates in December. In his free time he enjoys playing tabletop games and hiking.


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