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    The Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce represents a unique partnership of business, civic and educational leaders in the Denton County area and beyond that work to transform the region into a premier community where businesses flourish, education reaches a new level of excellence, and the neighborhoods provide a safe and friendly environment. The Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce’s contribution to this partnership is to serve and enhance the community by providing leadership for business growth and stability. The Chamber accomplishes this goal by serving its members and the members, in turn, serving the community.

    The Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce is the most influential organization available for many business entrepreneurs and executives seeking success in both Lewisville and the DFW metro area. Thanks to our enthusiastic and driven members, we are one of the fastest-growing chambers in the area. From tangible networking leads and discount programs to activities that influence the business environment and create high-quality jobs, the support provided by the Chamber concentrates on getting results. It is no accident that Lewisville’s most successful individuals are active members of the Chamber.


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  • Women Leading Business Conference

    Join us for our 9th Annual Women Leading Business Conference & Expo on Wednesday, May 31st, 2017. See you there!

  • Annual Golf Classic

    The Annual Golf Classic is scheduled in September at the Lantana Golf Club. Don't miss this excellent networking opportunity.

  • Discover Local

    Discover Local Business & Community Expo allows the community to get to know the area businesses in their backyards. The family-friendly event is no cost for attendees.