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    How and where do you lead? Everyone is a leader in one form or another. Most often we associate leadership with an employer/employee dichotomy, but leadership exists everywhere.

    Each day you have an opportunity to lead. Recognizing and capitalizing on that opportunity is what sets great leaders apart from the average. What kind of leader do you want to be: average or great?

    Leadership Lewisville, a program of the Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce, educates, inspires and provides opportunities to develop and polish your leadership skills. The nine-month intensive leadership development program features substantial community leaders to facilitate, provide information and stimulate discussion on how to strengthen and incorporate leadership each day.

    Are you or someone you know ready to take your leadership to the next level? Consider investing in Leadership Lewisville, one of the longest running leadership programs in North Texas. Invest in your future today.

     2018 - 2019 Leadership Lewisville Class Information

    Leadership Lewisville 2018 - 2019 Class Project:



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    This program is not possible without the support of our area businesses and program alumni. Please consider sponsoring this incredible program today.

    About Leadership Lewisville

    Leadership Lewisville is a community leadership development program created to identify, educate, develop and motivate future leaders by exposing them to the realities, successes and opportunities of our civic and business community. We are excited for this year's 33rd Class of Leadership Lewisville, which will offer a greater focus on leadership and professional development.

    The goal of the 9-month program is for participants who complete the program to walk away with measurable business acumen that will improve his or her leadership in the workplace and in the community. The staff and steering committee have carefully and thoughtfully worked together to select the best, most qualified facilitator to lead this program to the next level.
    Meet the Class Facilitator
    Dick Hammond, owner of Leadership On The Move!, was originally introduced to experiential leadership as a participant in Class III of Leadership Garland (Texas) in 1983. A few years experience later and Dick began serving as the class facilitator for leadership programs across the country. He has also served twice as President of the Association of Texas Leadership Programs (ATLP), a state-wide association representing over 165 leadership programs. He has served as Chairman of the Board for the Community Leadership Association (CLA) which represents over 1500 community based leadership programs across the nation.

    Program Benefits: Who Benefits?

    Participants: Gain knowledge of the community, cultivate new relationships and develop leadership skills to enhance professional effectiveness in the community and workplace
    Employers/Sponsors: benefit from the employee's increased understanding, improved leadership and communication skills, enhanced problem-solving abilities, improved business acumen, and access to community resources and decision-makers
    Community: benefits through the increased number of informed potential leaders, who are motivated and equipped to serve the community
    Chamber: benefits by having informed educated graduates as business members and volunteers to help fulfill the Chamber's mission of prosperity and being a vehicle through which people can take effective action for the progress of the community.
    Non-Profit Organizations: benefits directly as recipients of assistance through various program projects, and indirectly by gaining access to trained, effective leaders with an understanding of the importance of volunteerism and the unique needs of the Lewisville area community.
    Leadership Lewisville Pricing
    $995 / chamber members
    $1,295 / potential members
    Scholarship Opportunities Available
    Scholarship funding is available for applicants with financial need. Due to the overwhelming need, not everyone will receive a scholarship. Scholarship recipients will receive between $100 and $400.
    Submission Deadline: July 30th, 2018

    Thank you to our Class 32 sponsors:

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    2018 Chair: Jim Mustain
    "I highly endorse Leadership Lewisville! Why? Steven Covey in his book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People presents the idea of “sharpening your leadership saw”. He writes that leaders need self-renewal, self-care, self-respect and self-improvement. That's what Leadership Lewisville was for me. It helped me in all these keys areas to grow as a leader. In recent years, it was the best investment of my dollars and time into my leadership development. I'm a BIG believer that when leaders lead better, everybody wins, and that’s what Leadership Lewisville can do for you!" - Jim Mustain, Class 30
  • Leadership Lewisville Alumni Testimonials
    "I am proud to be a Leadership Lewisville graduate. It is an outstanding program in which leaders with diverse backgrounds, values, and points of view come together in a neutral setting, examine inner workings of Lewisville and its surrounding cities, and discuss the issues and challenges facing our community." ~Connie Pelphrey, Executive Director of the Lewisville ISD Education Foundation

  • "As a recent graduate of the Leadership Lewisville program, I was thoroughly impressed with numerous aspects of the program. The class trips, tours, curriculum, networking, class project and professional development provided a great deal of self-development and introduced me to new opportunities and knowledge that affect my personal and professional life.
    The Leadership Lewisville program was benefitial and substantial for many reasons. I was able to continue my engagement with my own organization, but also further my involvement with the City of Lewisville, specifically the Lewisville Chamber as a new Board Member. Over the nine months of the program, I was able to create and sustain personal and professional relationships that will continue to benefit me in the future. I am appreciate to the Leadership Lewisville program for the great content and connections that I was presented with and will continue to draw from through my career." ~Dan Irvin, Chief Operating Officer with Garland Heart Management Group

  • "I had the opportunity to participate in Leadership Lewisville over ten years ago when I had just begun my career in city government. Leadership Lewisville was an intensive and informative crash course in every aspect of city, county, state and community involvement. I gained leadership skills while I became immersed in the community. Through the program I learned about Lewisville, Highland Village and Flower Mound which gave me the knowledge and tools to more effectively do my job. On top of all that, I made some great friends." ~Laurie Mullens, City of Highland Village Public Affairs Manager

    2016-2017 Leadership Lewisville Class

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    2014-15 Leadership Lewisville Class

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