• What We Do

  • What We Do

    What Does the Chamber Do?

    The Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce is a service as well as an action institution. The Chamber provides a vehicle through which people can take effective action for the progress of the community.

    The Chamber helps create job opportunities by stimulating industrial, commercial and manufacturing growth.

    The Chamber partners with business and civic organizations to support improvement of community facilities, such as streets, highways, parks, schools and public transportation.

    The Chamber develops and presents numerous venues for business leaders to participate in networking opportunities, business education seminars and other activities aimed at insuring the success of businesses in the community.

    The Chamber acts as a liaison between local business and state and federal government to monitor legislature and civic issues pertinent to the business community in terms of economic and environmental impact.

    How Does the Chamber Function?

    The Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce accomplishes its work through a combination of paid staff and volunteers. The governing structure of the Chamber consists of a Board of Directors, including an Executive Board, representing all segments of the business community. Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Policy Manuals govern activities of the Chamber.

    Each year, the Chamber Board develops a Program of Work designed to enhance the community. Careful analysis of the community's needs, challenges and future issues are done in order to develop the Program of Work. Implementation of the program is made possible through the involvement of working committees comprised of member volunteers and community leaders. The members, their efforts, voice and commitment toward these programs are the backbone of the organization.

    Meetings of the committees and task forces are held at varying times throughout the year. Please contact us for more information at: 972.436.9571 or [email protected].

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