• The Speaker's Bureau is a program of the Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce. The goal of the Speaker’s Bureau is to provide opportunities for speakers to learn and grow throughout their speaking career. We aim to be the premier resource for developing and showcasing high-quality speakers in North Texas.

    If you are interested in starting your speaking career, developing your skills as a public speaker, or gaining more exposure for your brand and speaking career, we would love to have you as a part of the Speaker's Bureau. Please follow this link to apply.

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  •  Chad Drake, CRPC
     Speaker's Bureau Chair
     Cornerstone Wealth Management

     Topics: Retirement Planning




     Krystal Yates, SPHR, SHRM - SCP
     EBR HR Experts

     Topics: Networking/LinkedIn
                  Employee Reviews
                  Professional Communication/Management

    Krystal's Website              Krystal's Bio


    Aaron Benedict,
    Vice President for PointBank

     Topics: Financial Literacy
                 Effective Coaching
                 Leadership | Networking | Communication

    Aaron's Website            Aaron's Bio





    Mark Mitford,
    HR Catalyst Consulting

    Topics: Employee Engagement
                 Change Management
                 HR Strategy and Why It's so Important


    Mark's Website            Mark's Bio

    Dr. Stephie Althouse, 
    Top Notch CEO

    Topics: Leverage Your Brilliance and Make It Immortal
                 Scaling Your Business With a Brilliance Thinking Partner
                 KISS Business Planning and Mucking About With Intent


    Stephie's Website


    Ross Powell, 
    Insight Wealth Partners 

                 Tax Planning


      Ross' Bio

    Bill Lee, 
    Director of Marketing LISD

    Topics: LISD Overview
                 "Attitude vs. Skills"


    Bill's Bio

    Bruce Carter, 
    Director DFW Opportunities Center

    Topics: Business Development
                 Personal Development
                 Cultivating Unity


    Bruce's Bio


    Jaime Ellithorpe, 
    Founder 540 Strategies

    Topics: Marketing
                 Business Growth Strategies
                 Client Attraction and Retention Systems



    Jaime's Website         Jaime's Bio



    Tonya Telesco, 
    Telesco Leadership

    Topics: Discovering Significance While Navigating Chaos
    Why Can't You Be Normal Like Me: 4 Unspoken Communication Secrets
    The Great Divide: Understanding the 4 Personality Styles



    Tonya's Website         Tonya's Bio