• Lead Forward

  • What is Lead Forward?

    Lead Forward is an annual school-based mentoring program that specifically focuses on high school juniors and seniors at Lewisville High School with an interest in business and/or community leadership. 

    The mentoring program will be supplemented with a monthly lunch and learn class, focusing on topics to enhance the students professional career beyond high school. Each lunch and learn presentation will be led by a local professional with an expertise in the learning topic. Business and community leaders have unique experiences and skills that can benefit deserving students and in turn the greater community at large. Mentoring is a "win-win" proposition! 

    Who benefits from Lead Forward?

    THE STUDENTS in the mentoring program benefit by the relationship with an adult who is a business and/or community leader. 

    THE MENTOR benefits by the mutual learning and relationship with a younger rising leader. 

    THE COMMUNITY benefits by investing in a younger generation of students and ensuring a mechanism in which future business and/or community leaders are nurtured. 


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