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Employment Laws and Regulations at the state or federal level, may apply to employers with even one employee. Complying with laws and regulations for a small or emerging business can be challenging.

There are times when an Employment Compliance Audit is appropriate to determine if your company is in compliance with Federal and State laws. Perhaps you have just started or been in business for several years. You are not sure which laws you are required to comply with or want to know if you are in compliance. An audit can identify areas of risk before they present a financial cost to your company.

Regardless of the reason, a complimentary Employment Compliance Audit and consultation from Vital HR Solutions will provide you with a detailed report of your risks and identify specific action items to eliminate or minimize risks.

  • The Employment Compliance Audit and consultation is valued at $500.
  • Employment Audits are an important tool to evaluate legal compliance, and create proactive protections.
  • Many small or emerging companies are not in compliance with a variety of employment laws and regulations but most violations can be detected and corrected.
  • The cost to correct potential violations as the result of an audit are well below that of potential fines and litigation.
  • An Employment Compliance Audit provides a deterrent to litigation and can serve as a cornerstone of a “good faith defense” in future litigation.
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