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    Offer Valid: 06/24/2019 - 12/31/2019
    Unlimited Doctor Network Access
    As a Lewisville member of the chamber, we understand how difficult it is to get the benefits you need when your sick or injured. Sometimes your business can not afford or qualify for the right insurance plans. Being a lifestyle benefit consultant in the Lewisville chamber, we are excited to offer one of our many services directly to you and your employees just because your a member of the Lewisville chamber. Through this account, you get the link and code your own use as well as your employees use. Sign up for either an individual plan for $79 a month or a individual plus spouse plan for $109 a month (kids are covered for free on both plans). These plans provide unlimited access to a network of doctors in the DFW area and a wide variety of treatments (except emergency or catastrophic). No bill when treatment is performed and no bill when treatment is done. Go as many times as needed for treatments. It's a free member benefit account ready to use to support your business and works well with AFLAC policies. Thanks for being a chamber member!

    Chamber Code: 2zGAXAC
    Member Link: https://redicarevip.org/U2FsdGVkX1%2FZgIJT5auSZPR4Ale5iPY9kppLKIz0lBI%3D/yMdgSN2tfjitPfq8g

    Copy the link above  and paste it in your browser. Type in your e-mail address and then click on "I have a VIP Access Code". Then copy the chamber code to get your access today to unlimited doctor care! We are also happy to consult on other benefit services that will help your business retain great talent.

    This Hot Deal is promoted by Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce.

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