• Benefits & Dues

  • What's In It For You?

    Membership to a local chamber is an important decision. Your marketing dollars are limited and you want to gain the maximum return on investment.

    The Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce is a valuable resource for your business. Though we cannot guarantee a certain amount in sales, the Chamber does promise to provide quality, diverse opportunities for its members.

    Members of the Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce can expect:

    • To build relationships at numerous networking events held weekly and monthly (People do business with people they know)
    • A webpage dedicated to your business that you can update and share with current and potential clients
    • Web based marketing of your products and services (Hot Deals, Hot Jobs, etc.)
    • Workshops and professional development opportunities
    • and more.


    The Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce offers two levels of membership for your consideration: Major Investor and Basic Membership

    Major Investor memberships start at $1,000 annually and provide additional marketing and promotional opportunities included in the membership package. Learn more about the membership packages by reviewing the Major Investor Benefits page on the left side menu.

    Our Basic Membership levels start at $300 annually and are based on the number of full-time and part-time employees in an organization. Additional membership dues structures within the Basic Membership structure include banks, nonprofit organizations, and church and government offices. Please review the Partnership Dues page on the left side menu for more details.

    The Chamber also provides affordable marketing and promotional opportunities like:

    • E-newsletter sponsorship
    • Direct mail lables
    • Event sponsorships
    • and much more


    View the full list of Marketing & Sponsorship Opportunities available on the left side menu.

    Have a few more questions? Call (972) 436-9571 or email Ray Hernandez.