• What is the Chamber?

    The Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce is an independent non-profit (501(c)(6)) organization of businessmen and women who are investing their resources in community development programs – working together to improve the economic, civic and cultural strength of the Lewisville area.

    The Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce represents a unique partnership with business, civic and educational leaders in the Denton County area as well as throughout the metroplex. The goal of the partnership is to transform the region into a premier community where businesses flourish, education reaches a new level of excellence, and the neighborhoods provide a safe and friendly environment.

    The specific contribution of the Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce in this partnership is to serve and enhance the community by providing leadership for business growth and stability. The goal is accomplished by the Chamber serving its members and the members serving the community.

    The Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce is the most influential organization available for many business entrepreneurs and executives seeking success in both Lewisville and the DFW metro area.

    Thanks to our enthusiastic and driven members, we are one of the fastest-growing chambers in the area. From tangible networking leads and discount programs to activities that influence the business environment and create high-quality jobs, the support provided by the Chamber concentrates on getting results. It is no accident that Lewisville’s most successful individuals are active members of the Chamber.

    Working through the community’s strategic plan via partnership with the City of Lewisville and with the help of all of Lewisville’s stakeholders, we work to advance the cultural, political and economic well-being of the region. In representing the business community, this Chamber continually develops the tools businesses need to excel in an ever-changing market.

    Seizing the initiative continues to be our key to success. Whether encouraging businesses to locate into the community, creating new jobs, reducing business costs, enhancing entrepreneurial development, or representing business and community interests before key decision-makers, the Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce continues to explore new opportunities and aggressively open new doors. We are dedicated to fulfilling the Chamber’s mission “to be the leader in creating, promoting and sustaining a responsible, pro-business environment in Denton County.”

    Membership in the Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce rewards your commitment to success and gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace. The Lewisville Area Chamber is your connection to a world of business advantages. Make that investment in your future by joining the Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce today. Take the future in your hands and move your business to the next level of success.

    If you are looking for a way to take success to the next level, improve your bottom line, enhance profitability and invest in your community’s overall success, decide to join the Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce today.

    Mission: To promote economic growth of the business community.

    Tagline: Leading Business. Leading Lewisville.

    Vision: To be the best and most relevant business resource, partner, and advocate for our members.


    Core Values:

    LEADERSHIP: Developing, Equipping, and Connecting Leaders for the Future

    We will develop and deliver programs that will not only train leaders but also place them in key leadership roles within the Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce and other appropriate community organizations.

    STEWARDSHIP: Creating an Efficient and Effective Organization

    We will provide professional and efficient administration of the Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce's assets and resources, while improving, promoting, and implementing sound business practices.

    ADVOCACY: The Voice of Business

    To ensure that our members have every opportunity for success and are able to compete on a level playing field, we will become the true voice of business and play an active advocacy role with local, state, and national elected and appointed officials.

    COLLABORATION: Engaging and Connecting Our Members

    We will provide programs, projects, services, and events that are considered of importance and of value to our members. We will create a belief among the business community that investing in the Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce is a wise and sound business decision by demonstrating and establishing a strong connection with our members and within the membership itself.

    GROWTH: Business Development

    To ensure that our members, both large and small enterprises, have every opportunity for success, we will provide meaningful programming and support that will assist them with their ongoing challenges and development.

    RELATIONSHIPS: Telling Our Story

    In order to effectively communicate our programs, projects, events, and services, we will foster and nurture strong relationships. We will implement meaningful communications, marketing, and public relations programs and look for ways to enhance our current communications initiatives to further strengthen our relationships with our members.